Sports Journalism

I’m not a qualified sports journalist, or a qualified journalist of any kind, but I have been contributing football match reports to local papers such as the Hemel Hempstead Gazette and Watford Observer since 1991. Up until 2003 I was the Press Officer and Matchday Programme Editor for Tring Town F.C., but following their demise I joined Leverstock Green F.C., where I have been performing the Media Officer role.

The sports editor at the paper usually adapts my report and embellishes it with a few words that he has obtained from the team manager, but sometimes my report is printed almost word-for-word. I almost never get the credit though! Sometimes they also use my photos, and at least I seem to be getting the credit for those these days. I’m very proud of my contribution to this back page of the Hemel Gazette from May 2011.

I get credit for the photos and the text is based on my match report

My original reports and photos are published on the club website.

I’ve been thinking for some time about taking a course in sports journalism to see whether I could make a career, or at least make some money out of my writing ability. Perhaps one day I will.


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