I’m certainly no professional photographer – I have a couple of point-and-shoot cameras. I like to take pictures, though, and always look for interesting compositions or photo-opportunities when I’m on my travels.

Doctor's Pond, Gt Dunmow, Essex, taken on 19th July 2011

I also attempt to take pictures at concerts, at least when it’s not going to get me thrown out of the venue. I don’t use flash in these situations, and a lot of the photos I take come out blurred and unusable, but I get the occasional good one.

Coconut DF live at The Sun Inn, Pinxton, Derbyshire, taken on 10th June 2011

Likewise with my endeavours to take pictures at football matches. Most of the games I watch involve Leverstock Green F.C., although I do sometimes get out to see other matches when time is available. Good action shots are hard to come by, but sometimes I get lucky. It’s hard to concentrate on getting pictures when you are also taking notes for the match report, and it’s also harder when your camera doesn’t have an optical viewfinder.

Action from Harefield United reserves v Leverstock Green reserves, taken on 30th July 2011

If I capture any photos that I consider to be worthy, I will blog them. Look under categories such as Photography, Sports Photography, Travel Photography etc.

Most of my online photos to date are on Facebook, but I also have some content on Flickr and Picasa Web Albums.


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