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The best of 2011…and 2012

I was intending to write a piece about 2011’s Albums of the Year, but there are two problems with that: 1) I only own five albums that were released this year, and 2) I’m no good at writing music reviews. What would be easier is for me to point you in the direction of reviews that say pretty much what I would like to say if I had the ability to write reviews.

So here goes…Evi Vine’s debut album “…and so the morning comes” is without doubt my favourite of those five albums. I first came across Evi Vine when she was supporting And Also The Trees at The Luminaire in December 2007. It’s taken a long time for her album to finally appear, but it was worth the wait – and here’s a review that explains very eloquently why:
Here is the opening track from the album – “For The Dreamers”:

Not sure this one should count as it’s not been released over here yet, but a friend in Australia sent me a copy of “Dark Magic”, the latest album by Melbourne band Sand Pebbles. It sounds excellent to me, a psychedelic rock sound that borrow elements from rock music of each decade but doesn’t sound like any of them. If that doesn’t make any sense, here’s a review that does:

Here is a track from the album:

The other three albums from 2011 that I own: “Solid State Recital”, the fifth album by Puressence – I think it ranks as their second best album after their 1996 debut. “So Beautiful Or So What” by Paul Simon – pleasant enough but unspectacular. I think the previous album “Surprise” had more substance. “Driftwood” by And Also The Trees – basically a follow-up to 2009’s “When The Rains Come”, eight more acoustic reworkings of songs from their back catalogue and very good indeed. A brand-new album is due this year.

So what else is there to be excited about in 2012? Let’s just say I’m hoping to hear a LOT more from these bands 🙂

Hook And The Twin


The Title Sequence