New music track: “Fly”

In July I bought myself two new toys: a Fender Telecaster and a Boss ME-25 multi-effects unit. The Telecaster is the first decent electric guitar I have ever owned, while over the years I have had little contact with effects pedals.

Playing with the effects unit was a revelation – so this is how my favourite bands make their guitar sounds! The delay and reverb effects are particularly addictive, and it was while experimenting with these, plus a harmoniser effect, that I came up with the main riff for this track. I used different effects to get as “twangy” a sound as possible for the chorus part. The natural “twang” of the Telecaster sound helped as well.

I’ve also added some reverb to the drum sound which I think makes the electronic drums sound a little more real, on the other hand it makes the unevenness of my drumming a little more evident!

This was recorded over the 28th and 29th of July. I didn’t have a title in mind, but the insect that was buzzing around the room while I was recording (luckily not through a microphone) sorted that out.

This is “Fly”. Please give it a listen and add any comments that come to mind!


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